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at Salon de Andrade

Brazilian Keratin Treatment 
  If your hair is dull, dry, damaged, frizzy and unmanageable the BKT will put an end to all that!
  The Brazilian Keratin Treatment by Marcia Teixeira infuses tiny keratin (protein) molecules into the hair shaft and seals larger keratin molecules to the outer hair cuticle with the use of a flat iron. This technique repairs the hair from the inside out, and protects it from environmental effects such as humidity, UV rays, smog and smoke. The added strength, elasticity and moisture result in smoother, shinier, and straighter hair!
  The results are not permanent. BKT slowly washes away but will last up to 4 months with the use of a "sulfate free" shampoo.
  BKT can be done on natural, colored, bleached and highlighted hair with excellent results and NO DAMAGE!
  BKT is now available in a formaldehyde free version.
  In fact I believe in this product so much I have had the BKT done on my own hair! The top 2 photos on the left are of ME! I can't believe how much faster and easier it is to dry and fix my hair in the morning. I can even go to the beach and my hair does not frizz up in the humidity!  See below for more examples.